Do or Drink for stoners

Ready for an epic night? Explore Do or Drink questions for stoners and enjoy wild dares, hilarious challenges, and unforgettable laughter!

A fun get-together is never complete without a fun game to keep the good times rolling. And what better way to elevate your hangouts than with Do or Drink, a classic party game that has been bringing out the silliest and wildest sides of people for years?

Whether with friends, family, or even strangers, these Do or Drink questions make the perfect icebreaker to get everyone comfortable and have a great time. From funny dares to revealing secrets, these challenges will surely make your nights with friends unforgettable.

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Funny Do or Drink questions

Funny Do or Drink questions

Ready to kick off your game night with a good laugh? These funny Do or Drink dares will have everyone in stitches.

1. Run across the room and back while making animal noises.

Moo, quack, oink — take your pick!

2. Make up a rap about the person to your right.

Rap battle ready.

3. Ask someone in the room to give you a makeover using only items from their purse/wallet.

Fashionista challenge!

4. Do your best impression of a celebrity, and let others guess who it is. Drink if they don’t guess it under a minute.

Impersonation time!

5. Pretend to be a stand-up comedian for a minute. If no one laughs, take a shot.

Think you’re funny enough?

6. Wear your clothes inside out until your next turn.

Fashion faux pas!

7. Make out with a pillow.

Now that’s what you call pillow talk.

8. Post a flirty comment on the first Instagram picture that you see.

Stirring up some social media fun.

9. Go outside and howl at the moon.

Show off your wild side!

10. Text your ex and ask for dating advice.

Love lessons from the past.

11. Twerk for a full minute.

Shake what your mama gave you!

12. Put on your headphones and loudly sing along to your favorite song, even if it’s off-key.

Sing your heart out.

13. Do a dramatic reading of the last text you received.

Embrace your inner actor!

14. Text your ex and ask them to pick a number between 1-10, then send them that many selfies.

Selfie overload!

15. Try to peel a banana using just your toes.

It’s harder than it looks!

16. Send a text to your crush saying “I love you” and then immediately follow up with “Oops, wrong person.”

Smooth recovery.

17. Do an interpretive dance to the first song that plays on shuffle.

Dance like no one’s watching!

18. Text your parents and ask them how they would react if you got a tattoo.

Bringing up the tough conversations!

19. Do an impression of the person to your left.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

20. Text your best friend and tell them you’re secretly in love with them.

Friendzone no more!

21. Put on a blindfold and try to guess the person’s identity by smelling their armpits.

The ultimate party game!

22. Text your crush saying “I had a dream about you last night” and leave it at that.

Mystery messaging.

23. Perform a magic trick. If it fails, take a shot.


24. Drink if you’ve ever Googled yourself.

Vanity search, anyone?

25. Take a selfie with the person to your right and post it with a loving caption.

Social media love!

26. Try to touch your nose with your tongue. If you fail, take a shot.

It’s not as easy as it sounds!

27. Text your boss and ask for a raise.

Bold move!

28. Stand on one leg until your next turn. If you fall, take a shot.

Balancing act!

29. Recite a poem about the person to your left.

Ode to a friend.

30. Make up a superhero name and power for yourself.

Super you!

Outrageous Do or Drink dares

Outrageous Do or Drink dares

Need some extreme challenges to spice up your game night? These outrageous Do or Drink dares are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

1. Eat a spoonful of hot sauce, then immediately chug a glass of milk.

Spicy challenge!

2. Lick the bottom of someone’s shoe.

Gross out time!

3. Call your crush and serenade them with a romantic song.

Singer’s spirit!

4. Run around the room in your underwear.

Feel the breeze!

5. Let the group choose a YouTube video for you to reenact.

YouTube star in the making!

6. Text your ex and ask them to rate your relationship.

Brace for impact!

7. Blindfolded, let someone feed you something from the kitchen.

Mystery meal.

8. Perform ten push-ups and yell out “I love exercising!” after each one.

Fitness junkie!

9. Wear a face mask made from condiments in the fridge until your next turn.

Beauty and the beast!

10. Call a random number and convince them you’re their long-lost sibling.

Lost and found!

11. Dip your toe in a bowl of hot sauce.

Feet on fire!

12. Drink a mystery concoction the group makes for you.

Potion or poison?

13. Swap clothes with someone of the opposite gender.

Gender bender!

14. Post the third picture in your phone on Instagram, no matter what it is.

Photo roulette!

15. Dance like a ballerina for a minute.

Twirl and twirl!

16. Pretend to be a chicken until your next turn.

Cluck, cluck!

17. Share an embarrassing story from your childhood.

Blast from the past!

18. Speak in a foreign accent until your next turn.

Language lover!

19. Propose to a pillow in the most romantic way possible.

Cushion crush!

20. Run to the nearest store and buy the most random thing possible.

Quick and quirky!

21. Put ice cubes down your shirt and do the chicken dance.

Cold and crazy!

22. Serenade the person to your right with a love song.

Romantic vibes!

23. Pretend to be an opera singer and belt out a tune.

Rising star!

24. Act like a dog and fetch a ball from across the room.

Puppy love!

25. Do an impression of your favorite cartoon character.

Cartoon crazy!

26. Make a sandwich blindfolded.

Sandwich shuffle!

27. Eat a spoonful of mustard.

Taste test!

28. Use lipstick and draw a funny face on your stomach.

Belly laughs!

29. Act like a monkey until your next turn.

Monkey business!

30. Sing everything you say until your next turn.

Music to my ears!

Extreme Do or Drink questions

Extreme Do or Drink questions

Feeling adventurous and up for a challenge? These extreme Do or Drink dares will push your boundaries and make for some wild times.

1. Eat a spoonful of cinnamon without drinking anything.

Spice up your life!

2. Let someone shave your head.

Bald and brave!

3. Run around the block in your underwear.

Flash of fun!

4. Lick a stranger’s face.

Risk it for the biscuit!

5. Try to fit as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible.

Chubby bunny!

6. Drink a glass of milk with a teaspoon of salt mixed in.

Milky way!

7. Send a love message to your third contact on your phone list.

Random affection!

8. Perform a fashion show walk across the room.

Catwalk charmer!

9. Try to juggle three eggs without breaking them.

Eggcellent effort!

10. Using only your elbows, make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Elbow grease!

11. Do ten sit-ups while shouting “I am the champion!”.

Champ in the making!

12. Make a phone call and talk for 2 minutes without saying the word “the”.

Talkative trick!

13. Attempt to do a headstand.

Head over heels!

14. Change your profile picture to a llama for 24 hours.

Llama drama!

15. Eat a raw onion.

Cry me a river!

16. Try to catch three pieces of small food tossed by someone in your mouth.

Mouthful of fun!

17. Get a temporary face tattoo designed by a friend.

Inked inspiration!

18. Wear your clothes inside out until your next turn.

Fashion flip!

19. Do a handstand and drink a glass of water.

Balanced hydration!

20. Confess your deepest secret.

Truthful time!

21. Write a love poem for the person to your right.

Rightful romance!

22. Ice up your shirt and dance the macarena.

Icy macarena!

23. Eat a spoonful of mayo.

Creamy challenge!

24. Post an embarrassing childhood photo on social media.

Blast from the past!

25. Make up a short rap about the person to your left.

Rap reality!

26. Pretend to be a cat and act it out for a minute.

Purrfect performance!

27. Dye a strand of your hair a crazy color.

Rainbow rush!

28. Have a conversation with a broom.

Broom babble!

29. Do a hula dance for a minute.

Hula hoopla!

30. Try to put your whole fist in your mouth.

Mouthful marvel!

Need more fun challenges for your game nights? Dive into the best Do or Drink questions for thrilling game nights filled with laughter and surprises!

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