Do or Drink for singles

Spice up your single life with Do or Drink questions tailored for solo players. Discover exciting dares, heartwarming moments, and unforgettable nights of fun, laughter, and bonding!

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time! With the Do or Drink game, your nights will be anything but boring.

Whether you’re looking for an entertaining night with friends or want to meet new people and make fun memories, Do or Drink makes it possible.

You’re in for a wild ride with these carefully curated 90 challenges designed to make your single life more exciting!

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Playful Do or Drink questions

Playful Do or Drink questions

Get ready to laugh until your stomach hurts with Do or Drink! With fun challenges and thought-provoking questions, this game will have you and your friends in stitches.

From pretending to be a celebrity for the night to revealing your most embarrassing moment, these Do or Drink questions will surely get the party started and keep it going all night long.

1. Text your last ex or fling and tell them, “You suck.”

If it’s true, why not let them know?

2. Take a shot for every year you’ve been single.

Cheers to solo life!

3. Show us your go-to dance move.

Teach us your signature moves!

4. Switch phones with the person on your left and post a random picture on their social media.

Just for fun!

5. Go on a dating app and let your friends swipe for you.

Who knows, you might find a match!

6. Swap clothes with someone of the opposite gender for the rest of the game.

Fashion transformation!

7. Show us your most recent photo on your phone.

We won’t judge, we promise.

8. Kiss the person on your right for 5 seconds.

Pucker up!

9. Do an impression of someone in the group and let them guess who it is.

Imitate the best!

10. Name the most famous person you’ve ever met.

Tell us your starstruck moment.

11. Share a cringe-worthy pick-up line you’ve used before.

We all have them, don’t be shy.

12. Twerk to a sad song.

Why not make the best of it?

13. Take a shot for every time you’ve ghosted someone.

We won’t judge; we’ve all done it.

14. Share your go-to karaoke song.

Let’s hear your golden voice!

15. Ask a stranger for their phone number.

Who knows, you might make a new friend!

16. Take a shot if you’ve ever faked an orgasm.

No shame!

17. Exchange phones with the person to your right and send a random text to their contacts.

Be prepared for some interesting responses.

18. Do an impression of your parents.

We all have our own versions.

19. Take a shot if you’ve ever created a fake persona on a dating app.

Catfishing, anyone?

20. Ask the group to describe your dating profile in one word.

Self-reflection time!

21. Point to the person in the room you would date.

Love at first sight?

22. Do an impression of your ex.

Let’s hope they never see this!

23. Kiss another single player on the cheek.

It might lead to something more.

24. Hold a plank for a minute; drink if you can’t.

Get those abs and drink up!

25. Pick a player in the group who’s in a relationship, and tell them the worst quality of their significant other.

We all have flaws.

27. Share if you would date someone rich but married.

Controversial, but let’s see your stance.

28. Take a shot if you’ve ever cheated on someone.

Well, there’s nuance to every story.

29. Call your parents and tell them they’re going to be grandparents.

Their reactions will be priceless.

30. Name one thing you’d change about your exes.

We all have our regrets.

Flirty Do or Drink questions

Flirty Do or Drink questions

Feeling a little flirty with someone at the party? These Do or Drink questions will help you amp up the tension and maybe even lead to a steamy night. Just make sure everyone’s on board with the flirting beforehand!

1. Kiss another single player for 5 seconds.

Sparks are flying!

2. Take off an item of clothing, drink if you won’t.

Things are heating up!

3. Point to the person in the room you would most want to have a one-night stand with.

Just for one night, right?

4. Switch clothes with someone for 5 minutes.

Time for a fashion show!

5. Pick another single player and give them a lap dance.

Work it!

6. Pick someone in the room to serenade for 1 minute.

Your ballad could be the highlight of the night!

7. Give a foot massage to the person on your left.

Now that’s close contact!

8. Kiss the person to your right on the lips.

Spice things up with some surprise kisses.

9. Do a sexy dance in the center of the room.

You might discover a new talent!

10. Ask the most attractive person in the room for a kiss on the cheek.

A charming request!

11. Reveal if there’s someone in this group you’re secretly attracted to.

Spill the beans.

12. Ask the person to your left for a lap dance.

Double the fun!

13. Blindfold yourself and guess who is kissing you.

A sensory adventure!

14. Make out with another single player for 10 seconds.

The tension is palpable.

15. Confess who you’ve fantasized about in the room.

Who hasn’t had a little daydream?

16. Give a peck to the least attractive person in the room.

Looks aren’t everything, right?

17. Give the person you think is least likely to be a good kisser a kiss.

You might be surprised!

18. Kiss the neck of the person who’s most recently been in a relationship.

We all know that post-breakup glow.

19. Pick another single player and do 3 minutes in heaven with them.

Who needs seven minutes when you can have three?

20. Pick someone in the room and have them take an article of clothing off of you with their teeth.

That’s some impressive skill!

21. Compliment the player to your right in a sultry voice.

But keep it appropriate.

22. Slow dance with the person on your left to a fast song.

Contrasts can be fun!

23. Ask the most attractive person in the room to give you a piggyback ride.

Horse around a bit!

24. Do a handstand, drink if you can’t.

Impress us with your balance!

25. Challenge the person opposite you to a staring contest, loser takes a shot.

Eyes on the prize!

26. Take a shot for every time you’ve secretly checked someone out at the party.

We’ve all done it!

27. Ask someone in the room to give you a massage.

Relax and unwind!

28. Sit on someone’s lap for the next round.

Cozy up!

29. Take a shot if you’ve ever fantasized about someone else while in a relationship.

No shame; we all have our thoughts.

30. Ask the person to your left if they’d rather kiss you or take a shot.

But will they tell the truth? Only one way to find out!

31. Introduce yourself to someone at the party and tell them they’re your date for the night.

Who knows, it might turn into something more!

32. Reveal the flirtiest text message you’ve received within the last week.

Do tell!

33. Do a catwalk across the room.

Strut your stuff!

34. Whisper a flirty message in someone’s ear.

Just a little tease!

35. Take a selfie with the most attractive person at the party, post it on social media, and caption it with “Couple goals.”

Are you the next power couple?

36. Ask someone in the room to slow dance with you.

Romance is in the air!

37. Have a mock wedding with someone in the room.

Say “I do” for fun!

38. Do a sexy pose for a group picture.

Strike a pose!

39. Compliment everyone in the room.

Spread the love!

40. Make a toast to all the singles in the room.

Here’s to us!

Icebreaker Do or Drink questions for singles

Icebreaker Do or Do questions for singles

If you want to break the ice with new friends or potential love interests, try these Do or Drink questions! They’re perfect for getting to know each other and having some fun along the way.

1. Take a shot if you’ve ever been ghosted.

We’ve all been there.

2. Do five jump squats and say one thing you love about yourself.

We all need a little self-love!

3. Tell a joke about dating. If no one laughs, take a shot.

Laughter is the best icebreaker!

4. Take a shot if you’ve ever been on a blind date.

It’s a roll of the dice!

5. Ask someone out on a “mock” date for the evening.

It’s just for fun!

6. Take a shot if you’ve ever dated more than one person at the same time.

Spinning plates!

7. Text your crush and ask them out for a drink. No backing out!

Bold move!

8. Show off your best dance moves. If anyone laughs, they drink!

Show us what you’ve got!

9. Drink if you’ve ever been dumped over text.

Breakups are tough!

10. Confess your biggest dating deal-breaker.

We all have our limits!

11. Take a shot if you’ve ever used a cheesy pick-up line.

We can’t all be smooth talkers!

12. Do your best impression of your ex.

Let the drama begin!

13. Text someone in your phone and tell them you miss them.

Who knows, it might lead to something more!

15. Sing a song that describes your love life. If anyone joins in, they drink!

Sing your heart out!

16. Take a shot for every dating app on your phone.

Modern love!

17. Recreate your go-to first date outfit with items from around the room.

Fashion challenge!

18. Show the last photo you took with a date.

Picture perfect!

19. Do push-ups until your next turn. Drink if you fail.

Fit and fine!

20. Send a flirty text to your ex.

Stirring the pot!

21. Act out a perfect first date with the person next to you.

Lights, camera, action!

22. Reveal your best attribute for attracting dates.

Flaunt it!

23. Share the funniest date you’ve ever been on.

Date night giggles!

24. Take a shot if you’ve ever lied on a date.

Honesty is the best policy!

25. Make your best marriage proposal to the person of your choice in the room.

Pop the question!

26. Share your worst heartbreak story.

Let it all out!

27. Take a shot every time you’ve kissed on a first date.

First impressions count!

28. Wink at a person in the room you find attractive.

A little flirt never hurt!

29. Show the group your favorite romantic movie scene on your phone.

Movie magic!

30. Take a shot if you’re secretly in love with someone in this room.

Secrets, secrets!

Remember, being single isn’t a curse; it’s an opportunity to have fun and bond with friends. For more exciting dares to keep the good times rolling, check out our collection of do or drink questions.

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