Do or Drink for Adults

Elevate your next adult get-together with these Do or Drink questions. From silly to spicy, they're here to add excitement to your social events.

A fun get-together with your friends or family is only complete with a round of Do or Drink! This hilarious game confronts every player with the choice of completing a daring task or sipping their drink.

It’s the perfect way to break the ice, get to know each other better, and bring lighthearted fun to any gathering. And with 100 challenges, there’s no end to the entertainment, and you’ll always have options for your next event!

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Don’t have time to think of challenges? No problem! Our online version of “Do or Drink” has got you covered. Simply choose a category and let the game generate a dare for you.

For even more fun, you can download our free “Truth or Dare” app, featuring 1,000+ questions and dares from mild to wild!

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Wild Do or Drink questions

Wild Do or Drink questions

Looking to spice things up and take the game to the next level? Do or Drink is the perfect opportunity to let loose and try something new.

Our wild dares will liven up any party or gathering, making for unforgettable memories and endless laughter.

1. Do your best impression of an animal.

Time to unleash your inner beast!

2. Send a screenshot of your internet search history to the group chat.

Hope there’s nothing too embarrassing in there!

3. Attempt to do a cartwheel. Drink if you fail.

Cartwheel challenge!

4. Share your most embarrassing moment in high school.

Let’s relive those cringe-worthy memories.

5. Call the first person in your contacts and have a full conversation using only animal noises.

Can you keep a straight face?

6. Mime a legendary rock performance without naming the song or band. Drink if the group can’t guess it.

Rock on!

7. Share an embarrassing story about a time you tried to impress someone.

We’ve all been there.

8. Make a prank call to someone in your contacts list and try to keep them on the line for a full minute.

Good luck!

9. Imitate your favorite celebrity for one minute.

Who’s your star?

10. Share the most ridiculous rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself.

Rumor has it…

11. Pretend to be a contestant on a cooking show and describe the meal you’re preparing.

Bon appétit!

12. Do 10 push-ups. If you can’t, take a shot.

Fitness first!

13. Reveal the strangest place you’ve ever had a nap.

Snooze fest!

14. Propose to the person on your left with a ring made from whatever you can find.

Cue the romance!

15. Take a selfie with the silliest face possible and send it to your ex.

Picture perfect!

Silent but hilarious!

17. Describe your first kiss without using the word ‘mouth’ or ’lips.’

Let the game of words begin!

18. Sing the alphabet backward. If you mess up, take a shot.

A, B… or was it Z?

19. Share the funniest joke you know. If no one laughs, drink.

Bring on the laughs!

20. Attempt to breakdance. If you can’t pull off a move, take a shot.

Dance it out!

21. Share a secret talent no one in the room knows about.

Hidden gems!

22. Pretend to be a tour guide in a city you’ve never visited.

All aboard the imaginary tour bus!

23. Invent a new dance move and demonstrate it to the group.

Groove on!

24. Tell us about a time you got caught doing something you shouldn’t.

Caught red-handed!

25. Speak in rhymes until your next turn.

Rhyme time!

26. Name three people you would want to date in the room and why.

Let’s hope you’re not playing with family!

27. List three things you would do if you won the lottery.

Dream big, or go home!

28. Swap clothes with anyone in this room and wear them for the rest of the game.

Show off your fashion sense.

Hilarious Do or Drink dares or questions

Hilarious Do or Drink dares or questions

Prefer to keep things on the lighter side? Don’t worry; Do or Drink has got you covered with equally hilarious and entertaining dares suitable for all ages.

So gather your friends and family, grab drinks, and prepare for a fun and laughter-filled night.

1. Share your worst pickup line.

It’s so bad, it might just work!

2. Do an impression of a family member for one minute.

Time to mimic your loved ones!

3. Tell us about the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in public.

Share your cringe-worthy moments!

4. Attempt to lick your elbow. If you can’t, take a sip.

Challenge accepted!

5. Name the messiest person in this room.

Call them out!

6. Act out a scene from your favorite movie.

Show us your acting skills!

7. Describe your dream vacation using only hand gestures.

Can we guess your dream destination?

8. Try to touch your nose with your tongue. If you can’t, take a sip.

It’s harder than you think!

9. Tell us the worst advice you’ve ever received.

How bad was it?

Can you stay on tune?

11. Mime your morning routine without speaking.


12. Recite a nursery rhyme in a dramatic fashion.

Bring out the drama queen in you!

13. Share the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten.

Spill the beans!

14. Act like a robot for one minute.


15. Draw a portrait of the person sitting opposite you. If they don’t recognize themselves, you drink.

Time to showcase your inner artist!

16. Try and make the group laugh. If no one does, drink.

Can you crack us up?

17. Tell us about the last time you were embarrassed.

Oh, the horror!

18. Imitate a superhero for one minute.

Who’s your hero?

19. Share a secret you’ve never told anyone.

Let’s hear it!

20. Do your best impersonation of the person to your left.

Ha, this should be fun!

21. Tell us about your worst cooking disaster.

Kitchen nightmares, anyone?

22. Speak like Shakespeare until your next turn.

Hark, who goes there?

23. Share the craziest dream you’ve ever had.

Dreamland is calling!

24. Try to juggle three items of your choice. If you drop an item, drink.

Can you keep them all in the air?

25. Pretend you are a cat until your next turn.


Witty Do or Drink questions or dares

Witty Do or Drink questions or dares

These witty Do or Drink questions will surely get a laugh out of everyone. So grab your drinks and get ready to put your quick wit to the test!

1. Share the most useless talent you possess.

Time to show off those not-so-useful skills!

2. Discuss three things you’d bring if you were stranded on a deserted island.

Choose wisely!

3. Share the most ridiculous conspiracy theory you’ve heard.

Prepare for some wild theories!

4. Do a dramatic reading of a random Wikipedia article.

Make it dramatic!

5. Guess the amount of money in your wallet. If you’re wrong, take a sip.

Do you know how much cash you have?

6. Share the most embarrassing moment from your childhood.

Let’s time travel back to our cringy days!

7. Attempt to balance a spoon on your nose for one minute. If it falls, take a shot.

How steady is your nose?

8. Share a funny pickup line you’ve used or heard.

Flirting game strong!

9. Recite a tongue twister without making a mistake. Drink if you do.

She sells seashells by the seashore…

10. Act like a chicken for one minute.

Bawk, bawk!

11. Share the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever googled.

The Internet never forgets!

12. Try to touch your toes without bending your knees. If you can’t, take a drink.

How flexible are you?

13. Share the most foolish thing you’ve done for love.

We’ve all been there!

14. Do a catwalk across the room. If you trip, take a shot.

Work it!

15. Tell us your favorite joke. If no one laughs, take a sip.

Funny or thirsty, your choice!

16. Name a celebrity that you think would be your best friend.

A-list BFFs!

17. Take a selfie with the most ridiculous facial expression you can make and post it on your Instagram/Facebook story.

Say cheese!

18. Go through your Instagram following and have the group pick a random person to dm with “I love you.”

Let’s see who gets a response!

19. Put on your best British accent until your next turn.

Cheerio, old chap!

20. Attempt a handstand against the wall for five seconds. If you fail, take a shot.

Head over heels!

Dirty Do or Drink dares and questions

Dirty Do or Drink dares and questions

Ready to spice things up a notch? These dirty Do or Drink questions are not for the faint of heart! Unleash your wild side and push the boundaries with these risqué dares.

So grab your drinks and let the game begin!

1. Point to the person in this room would you want to have a one-night stand with.

Choose wisely!

2. Do a sensual dance for the person across from you.

Work it!

3. Name the person who has the hottest body in this room.

Don’t hold back on those compliments!

4. Make out with the person to your left for one minute.

Pucker up!

5. Demonstrate your favorite sexual position using pillows.

No need for a partner!

6. Share a sexy photo on your Instagram right now.

Get ready to turn heads!

7. Guess the underwear color of the person to your right. If wrong, take a shot.

Blue or pink, maybe?

8. Describe the best kiss you’ve ever had.

Details, please!

9. Text your ex “I miss you” and show the screenshot to the group.

Awkward or hilarious?

10. Flash your abs or belly to the group.

Time to show some skin!

11. Give an erotic massage to the person sitting next to you.

Don’t forget the shoulders!

12. Show off your stroke game and thrust on the floor for a minute.

Show it off!

13. Flirt with someone from the group as if you were in a bar.

Pickup line ready?

14. Do a sexy crawl across the room.

Cue the music!

15. Give a lap dance to the person of your choice.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

16. Kiss the earlobe of the person across from you.

A little nibble won’t hurt!

17. Send a risky text to a random contact on your phone and show the group the response.

Fingers crossed for a positive reply!

18. Make out with someone of your choice for two minutes.

Get ready for some steamy action!

19. Do your best impression of a porn star moaning.

Let’s hear those vocal skills!

The possibilities for fun and laughter are endless with these Do or Drink questions. If you want even more, check out our collection of Do or Drink questions for thrilling game nights filled with laughter and surprises!

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