Dirty Do or Drink

Looking for a risqué party game? Dive into Dirty Do or Drink questions and spice up your evenings with tempting challenges and confessions!

A get-together with friends is always a good time, but sometimes you need to add a little spice to the mix. That’s where Do or Drink comes in! This risqué party game challenges players to make steamy confessions and perform wild dares.

So whether you’re looking for a night of laughter or some juicy confessions, this game has got you covered. And the best part? We’ve got over 90 dares to keep the party going all night.

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Never worry about coming up with good dares on the spot… Play “Do or Drink” online! Our web app generates random dares for you and your friends to complete. Simply choose a category and let the fun begin.

Ready for more? Keep the fun going with our free “Truth or Dare” app, available for iOS and Android. With over 1,000 questions across various categories, it’s the perfect addition to any party.

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Naughty Do or Drink questions

Naughty Do or Drink questions

Get comfortable because this game is about to get hotter! With these naughty questions, you can delve into your friends’ deepest secrets and most embarrassing moments. From past flings to guilty pleasures, nothing is off-limits with Dirty Do or Drink.

So prepare those drinks for an unforgettable night as you discover who among your friends has the juiciest stories to share. Willing to take on the challenge?

1. Name a celebrity you would want to have a one-night stand with.

Spill the tea on your Hollywood crush!

2. Take a body shot of the person to your left.

I hope they smell nice!

3. Do a seductive dance for 30 seconds.

Show us your moves!

4. Call your ex and tell them you miss the sex.

Or maybe not?

5. Give a lap dance to the person across from you.

Don’t be shy, show us your sexy side!

6. Do an impression of your favorite porn star.

Bonus points if you can make us laugh!

7. Moan the alphabet.

Let’s hear those vocal skills!

8. Blindfold one person and give them a kiss on the cheek.

Will you be lucky enough to get the blindfolded person’s lips?

9. Reveal which person in the room you’d consider having a threesome with.

Choose wisely or not…

10. Name three body parts you love about yourself.

Don’t be shy, show us some self-love!

11. Take a shot of hot sauce directly into your mouth.

Spice up the game night!

12. Share a sexual fantasy you have never told anyone before.

No judgment here, let your imagination run wild.

13. Give a striptease to the person of your choice.

Who will be the lucky recipient of this steamy dance?

14. Have a staring contest with the person to your right.

But make it flirty, not creepy!

15. French kiss a person of your choice for one minute straight.

Make sure to set a timer and keep track!

16. Reveal how many sex toys do you own.

Inquiring minds want to know!

17. Share the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you during sex.

Did you laugh it off or die inside?

18. Show us your best twerking moves.

Let’s see that booty shake!

19. Name a fantasy role-play scenario you would like to try in the bedroom.

The possibilities are endless, let your imagination run wild!

20. Disclose how many people you’ve slept with.

Prepare for some raised eyebrows!

21. Give a sensual massage to the person sitting next to you.

Get those hands ready for some relaxation and pleasure!

22. Upload a provocative photo on social media of your choice.

Just make sure to keep it within the guidelines, we don’t want any accounts getting banned!

23. Name a body part you find attractive in the person sitting across from you.

Let’s appreciate each other’s features!

24. Take off a piece of clothing for every year you’ve been sexually active.

Time to get naked and show off those years of experience!

25. Share when you first started masturbating.

Those hormones…

26. Take a sexy selfie and send it to the 3rd person on your contact list.

Let’s see how bold you are!

27. Give a lap dance to the person on your left.

Get ready to show off those seductive moves!

28. Lick whipped cream off of someone’s body part of their choice.

Let’s add some sweetness to the game night!

29. Share the details of your most recent hookup.

Spill all the juicy details, we won’t judge or gossip…too much.

30. Give a sensual massage to the person sitting across from you.

Get those hands ready

Nasty Do or Drink questions

Nasty Do or Drink questions

Ready to take it up a notch? These raunchy dares will have you and your friends blushing and laughing simultaneously.

Get ready for some wild stories with Do or Drink, from steamy hook-ups to kinky confessions!

1. Take off an item of clothing and keep it off for the rest of the game.

Things just got hot in here!

2. Switch clothes with the person to your right for the next three rounds.

It’s time to get creative with your fashion choices!

3. Do a striptease for one minute, using only one piece of clothing.

Get ready to show off those seductive moves!

4. Walk up to a stranger and ask for their number.

Who knows, you might make a new friend…or more!

5. Give your number to a stranger.

Not the same one as the previous question.

6. Have the group choose a person and lick their belly button.

Who will be the lucky (or unlucky) recipient of this belly button lick?

7. Show us a nude photo you’ve taken.

Let’s see it!

8. Give a hickey to the player on your right.

Watch out for those teeth!

9. Share the most scandalous thing you’ve ever done in a public place.

We won’t judge…too much.

10. Lick whipped cream off of someone’s body part of your choice, blindfolded.

Will you get lucky with your choice?

11. Swap your underwear with the player on your left.

Hope they’re clean!

12. Dial your 5th contact and proposition them for sex.

Brace yourself for an awkward call!

13. Reveal your favorite sexual position.

Is it missionary, doggy style, or something else?

14. Give the person on your right a sensual massage for five minutes.

Get those hands working!

15. Open up about your biggest turn-on.

What gets your motor running?

16. Share a secret fetish or fantasy you’ve never told anyone.

Dive into your deepest desires!

17. Kiss the first person you make eye contact with after reading this dare.

Will it be a sweet surprise or a hilarious shock?

18. Send a sext to the last person in your phone’s call log.

Will they be amused or confused? Only time will tell!

19. Play a round of the game naked.

Just remember, no pictures, please!

20. Ask the person to your left to spank you.

This game just took a cheeky turn!

21. Hand over your phone and let the group send a text to anyone in your contacts.

Brace yourself for the responses!

22. Reveal the most embarrassing thing in your browser history.

Get ready for some awkward laughter!

23. Act out your best orgasm.

Can you top Meg Ryan’s performance in “When Harry Met Sally”?

24. Name an ex of a friend you’d have sex with.

Or take a drink!

25. Run an ice cube over your lips, neck, and inner thighs.

Feel the chill and thrill!

26. Pick another player and have them lick your ear.

This is only for the brave ones.

27. Show everyone your last-watched porn.

And be prepared for some judgment!

28. Reveal the sexiest feature in a person you’re attracted to.

What’s that one feature that just drives you wild?

29. Record yourself moaning and send it to the second person in your contacts that comes up after you type ‘S.’

Hope it’s not a family member!

30. Describe the sexiest clothes you ever wore and why.

Fashion can be seductive too!

Dirty Do or Drink for adults

Dirty Do or Drink for adults

Think you can handle a challenge? Our dirty Do or Drink questions for adults will put your skills and courage to the test.

Ready to push the boundaries and have an unforgettable night? Then grab your friends, and let’s play Do or Drink!

1. Seductively eat a piece of fruit.

Remember, it’s all about the technique!

2. Give someone in the room a striptease while blindfolded.

Hope you remember all your moves!

3. Name the biggest flirt in the room.

Let’s see who can work their charm!

4. Do a body shot of the person in the room you find least attractive.

Get ready for some awkwardness!

5. Ask the kinkiest person in the group to take a shot. If they refuse, you take a shot.

Let’s see who’s willing to show their wild side!

6. Give your best impression of the opposite sex in bed for 1 minute.

Or less than a minute if you’re a girl pretending to be a guy.

7. Put an ice cube down your pants for 30 seconds.

Are you ready to cool off?

8. Name the person in this room you find the most attractive.

Time to dish out some compliments!

9. Have a 30-second makeout session with an imaginary partner.

Put your passion on display!

10. Whisper something dirty in the ear of the person next to you.

Let’s see if you can make them blush!

11. Choose someone in the room to give you a neck massage.

Will they be gentle or go for the deep tissue?

12. Illustrate your favorite sex position using just hand gestures.

Keep it clean, folks!

13. Disclose the last time you masturbated.

Brave enough to disclose?

14. Take a shot and then try to do a sexy runway walk.

Can you keep your balance in your imaginary high heels?

15. Choose someone to spank you with a kitchen utensil of their choice.

Let’s see what kind of creative punishments your friends come up with!

16. Call someone who’s not here and try to get them to talk dirty to you.

This could be a hilarious or awkward situation!

17. Imitate the sounds you make when you climax.

Warning: This can lead to uncontrollable laughter!

18. Perform a pole dance with an imaginary pole.

Show us your best moves!

19. Reveal the number of your sexual partners.

It’s time for some juicy confessions. No judgments, we promise!

20. Give a shout-out to your favorite porn star.

Who’s your ultimate fantasy?

Steamy Do or Drink for couples

Steamy Do or Drink for couples

Playing with a partner? These Do or Drink questions for couples will add some spice to your relationship and help you bond in new ways.

Whether you’ve been together for years or are just starting, Do or Drink for couples is the perfect way to get to know each other on a whole new level.

1. Kiss your partner’s neck for a minute.

Make sure to hit all the right spots!

2. Tell about your favorite sexual experience.

No judgment!

3. Choose a spot on your partner’s body and kiss it passionately for one minute.

Every inch is a treasure!

4. Describe most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you during sex.

Let those awkward moments shine.

5. Put your partner’s hand on your thigh and keep it there for five minutes.

Hope you’re comfortable with some intimate touching!

6. Play a song that always gets you in the mood.

Let’s create the perfect soundtrack for our love!

7. Tell one thing you’ve always wanted to try in bed but have been too afraid to ask for.

This is a safe space to share your deepest desires.

8. Whisper the naughtiest thing you can think of in your partner’s ear.

Let’s see who turns red first!

9. Kiss your partner’s body from head to toe.

Every inch is a treasure!

10. Do an impression of what you think your partner looks like when they’re turned on.

Get ready for some giggles!

11. Name the most sensitive part of your body.

Guide me to your pleasure zones!

12. Try to undress your partner with just one hand.

Challenge accepted!

13. Massage your partner’s feet for two minutes.

Who said romance is dead?

14. Describe your favorite part of your partner’s body in great detail.

Words can be just as seductive!

15. Try to turn your partner on without touching them.

Let’s see how powerful your words can be!

16. Determine who’s the dominant one in bed – if you’re right and your partner agrees, they take a shot, if you’re wrong, you take a shot.

Here’s to some honest revelations and shots! Cheers!

17. Whisper the dirtiest sentence you can think of in your partner’s ear.

Don’t be shy now!

18. Tell something about your partner that you find irresistibly sexy.

Time for some sweet, seductive compliments!

19. Pick a body part of your partner, and use your tongue to draw a letter on it. They’ll have to guess the letter.

A sensual game you don’t want to miss!

20. Point out the most sensitive part of your partner’s body.

Can you find all the sweet spots?

So whether you’re looking for a night of laughs, wild confessions, or some steamy action, Do or Drink is the perfect party game. For more fun, head to our collection of do or drink questions for endless entertainment.

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