Do or Drink for Bachelorette

Planning a bachelorette party? Discover the ultimate collection of Do or Drink questions for a night of laughter, fun, and unforgettable memories.

Here comes the white bride, ready to party with her girls by her side. But what’s a bachelorette party without some fun and unforgettable games? That’s where Do or Drink comes into play!

Do or Drink is the perfect game to liven up any bachelorette party. Elevate your social gatherings by learning how to play Do or Drink thanks to our complete guide.

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Hilarious Do or Drink questions

Hilarious Do or Drink questions

Let’s face it: a bachelorette party is all about having fun and making memories with your besties. Get ready to see your girls let loose and have the time of their lives!

From embarrassing truths to silly challenges, there’s something for everyone in Do or Drink. So go wild, and let your hair down with the bride-to-be.

1. Name the most attractive one of the groomsmen.

Don’t be shy!

2. Perform a lip-sync performance to one of the bride’s favorite songs

Think you can do it?

3. Make your best impression of the bride-to-be.

Show us your acting skills.

4. Call an ex and pretend to propose to them.

Let’s see how creative you can get.

5. Take a shot without using your hands.

Get ready for some messy fun!

6. Do an interpretive dance to your favorite love song.

Get those dance moves ready!

7. Show off your hidden talent.

Time to show them off!

8. Do a dramatic reading of your favorite romantic movie scene.

Get ready for some laughs.

9. If you have one, tell the story of your first one-night stand.

Spill the juicy details.

10. Do a shot every time someone says “wedding”.

Cheers to the bride-to-be!

11. Sing the chorus of the bride’s favorite song.

Show us your hidden singing talent!

12. Take a shot and do your best catwalk strut.

Unleash the inner model in you!

13. Tell us about your most embarrassing date.

No holding back on the cringe-worthy details!

14. Make your best impression of a celebrity the bride adores.

Time to channel your inner star!

15. Do your best dance move to “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé.

Put on a show, ladies!

16. Take a shot and then sing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

Can you hit those high notes after a shot?

17. Name three things you would change about the groom.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell him!

18. Take a shot every time someone says “bride”.

Toast to the lady of the hour!

19. Act out a scene from the bride’s favorite movie.

Time for some Oscar-worthy performance.

20. If you have one, tell us a story when you lied about your age.

Confess your age-defying secrets.

21. Dance like no one’s watching.

Bust out your best dance moves!

22. Describe your dream husband/wife.

Who’s your ideal partner?

23. Tell us about your wildest party experience.

Give us a peek into your party animal side.

24. Tell us about your guilty pleasure.

It’s time for some fun confessions!

25. Text your ex, “I miss you,” and don’t explain the context.

Let’s see how they respond.

Silly Do or Drink questions

Silly Do or Drink questions

What’s a bachelorette party without some silly moments? Do or Drink has got you covered with these playful dares that are sure to bring out some giggles.

1. Give a lap dance to the bride.

Bring on the seduction!

2. Tell us about your first kiss experience.

Spill all the details; we won’t judge.

3. Give someone in the room a sensual massage for one minute.

Time to relax.

4. Act like a monkey for the next five minutes.

Get ready to go bananas!

5. Post a silly selfie on Instagram or Facebook chosen by the other players.

Share your best moments with everyone.

6. Compliment a stranger online.

Spread some positive vibes!

7. Tell us about your first celebrity crush.

Don’t be shy. We all had one.

8. Freeze in your current position and hold it until your next turn.

That sounds tough.

9. Swap socks with the person sitting across from you.

Let’s hope you don’t have smelly feet!

10. Drink a shot from the player’s belly button on your left!

Now it’s drink or drink!

11. Whisper something seductive to the person next to you.

Let’s see how they react!

12. Describe your ideal proposal scenario.


13. Swap clothes with the person to your left for the next two rounds.

The groups decides how much of your clothes you have to swap!

14. Perform your best interpretive dance to the next song that plays.

We promise we won’t take it too seriously!

15. Tell us about your best kissing technique.

We’re all ears for these smooching secrets.

16. Make up a romantic poem about the engaged couple and share it with the group.

Confidence is key here!

17. Stand on a chair and give a brief, humorous toast to the bride-to-be.

We won’t judge, promise!

18. Recreate the couple’s engagement moment.

Yes, you have to play both parts!

19. Do a sexy dance to a song of the group’s choice.

Showcase your sultriest moves!

20. Give the singles in the group your best flirting tips.

Share your flirting strategies with us.

21. Guess the celebrity free pass of the bride-to-be.

Everyone’s got one.

22. Pretend you swallowed the bride’s wedding ring and call her partner for help.

Please don’t put it into your mouth for real!

23. Share your best pick-up line with the group.

That’s another tip for the singles in the group!

24. Stand on a chair and toast to love, raising your glass to celebrate it.

A note for the group: Feel free to record it!

25. Spend the next 10 minutes impersonating the future married couple, mimicking their mannerisms and speech.

Don’t be too mean!

26. Do a one-minute stand-up comedy about the couple’s relationship.

Remember to stay nice, or you might get uninvited to the wedding.

27. Go live on Instagram and sing a snippet of a love song for the bride, including her name in the lyrics.

Are you brave enough to do this, or will you take a drink?

28. Tell the most embarrassing story featuring the bride-to-be.

Tell us your swoon-worthy story.

29. Give a brief and humorous “fortune reading” for the soon-to-be-married couple.

What will happen to them?

30. Describe your most embarrassing romantic encounter.

Get ready to laugh yourself silly!

Saucy Do or Drink questions

Saucy Do or Drink questions

For those looking for something a little spicier, Do or Drink has got you covered with these exciting dares. Turn up the heat and let loose with these saucy challenges.

1. Take a body shot off the person on your left.

Time to get up close and personal.

2. Tell us about your wildest sexual fantasy.

Don’t hold back on the details!

3. Call an ex and pretend you accidentally dialed their number.

Will they buy it?

4. Pick a stranger in the bar and tell them how attractive they are.

Time to spread some love.

5. Give the player on your left a lap dance for one minute.

Bring on the seduction!

6. Admit your biggest turn-on in front of the group.

We won’t tell!

7. Kiss a stranger’s hand and introduce yourself to them.

This could be your chance to find love.

8. Show me your sexiest dance move.

Let’s see those hips!

9. Do a strip tease to a song of the group’s choice.

Will you keep your clothes on?

10. Choose one person in the room, and they have to choose who they would marry, sleep with, and kill.

Things just got interesting.

11. Name a celebrity you’d like to sleep with.

Hollywood hookups, anyone?

12. Give the person to your right a sensual massage for two minutes.

Time to relax and let go of any tension.

13. Share the most explicit photo you have on your phone.

We promise we won’t judge.

14. Give a stranger in the bar your best pickup line.

Will you get their number?

15. Share your most shameful crush with the group.

We won’t judge, we all have our guilty pleasures.

16. Describe your ideal partner in bed.

Don’t hold anything back!

17. Share your most embarrassing drunk story.

Time to laugh at yourself!

18. Share your sexiest text message with the group.

Let’s see how spicy you can get!

19. Do a sexy pose for a group picture.

Work it!

20. Send a risky message to an ex and share their response with the group.

Will they respond positively or negatively?

21. Do a seductive walk across the room.

Time to strut your stuff!

22. Choose one person in the room to make out with for one minute.

Sparks may fly, who knows?

23. Call a friend and tell them you’re in love with them.

How will they react?

24. The group may ask you three questions. Take off an item of clothing for every question you refuse to answer.

Are you willing to bare it all?

25. Give someone in the room a sensual kiss on the neck.

Just make sure they’re comfortable with it first!

26. Share your most embarrassing drunk purchase.

Did you regret it in the morning?

27. Confess if ever you’ve had a crush on a friend’s parent.

Spill the beans!

28. Share what unexpectedly turns you on the most.

We’re all ears!

29. Give someone in the room a foot rub.

Ready to get hands-on?

30. Go live on Instagram and seductively eat a piece of fruit.

Let your followers watch you get frisky.

Memorable Do or Drink questions

Memorable Do or Drink questions

Lastly, we have some memorable challenges to create unforgettable moments during your bachelorette party. From heartwarming confessions to hilarious challenges, these dares will bring everyone closer together.

1. Share a meaningful moment or memory you have with the bride-to-be.

This is the perfect time for some heartfelt sentiments.

2. Confess your biggest fear.

Don’t be afraid to open up.

3. List three things you love about the bride-to-be.

We’re all about spreading the love here!

4. Give the bride-to-be advice for their marriage.

Wise words from the group.

5. Share a secret you’ve never told anyone.

This is a safe space to let it all out.

6. Toast to the bride-to-be and share a special message.

Cheers to the future!

7. Reveal your most embarrassing nickname.

We promise not to use it against you.

8. Have everyone in the room say something they appreciate about the bride-to-be.

Time to show some love and appreciation!

9. Do an impression of the bride-to-be’s significant other.

This will be so funny!

10. Tell us about a time when you knew the bride-to-be was the one for their significant other.

Let’s hear about that special moment.

11. Share your funniest memory with the bride-to-be.

Get ready for some laughs!

12. Share the most valuable lesson you’ve learned about love.

We could all use some wisdom on this topic.

13. Confess if you’ve ever had a crush on any of the groom-to-be’s friends.

Were any of them tempting?

14. Toast to true love and share your thoughts on marriage.

Cheers to happily ever after!

15. Give the bride-to-be a compliment in another language.

Impress everyone with your multilingual skills.

16. Reveal the most daring thing you’ve done for love.

I won’t judge.

17. Have the bride-to-be recreate her first date with her significant other.

A romantic trip down memory lane.

Do or Drink is the perfect game to liven up any bachelorette party and create unforgettable memories. For more challenges, dive into the best Do or Drink questions for thrilling game nights filled with laughter and surprises!

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