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Are you ready for a fun and daring party game? Our Do or Drink online game will turn any ordinary night into an unforgettable one.

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Ready to take on any challenge or drink your way to victory? Look no further! “Do or Drink” is the perfect party game for you and your friends.

Our “Do or Drink” online game combines dares and drinks to create a night full of laughter and unforgettable memories. Whether you’re hosting a small get-together or a big party, the drinking game “Do or Drink” will bring everyone together and keep the fun going all night long.

Play “Do or Drink” online

Can’t think of any fun dares? No problem! Our “Do or Drink” online game offers hundreds of dares, from mild to wild.

Simply choose a category and let the game generate a dare for you. From “Popular” to “Dirty”, there’s a dare for every mood and level of daringness.

Play our free “Do or Drink” online game now and get the party started! Or download our free “Truth or Dare” app for even more fun with your friends!

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How to Play “Do or Drink”

Playing “Do or Drink” couldn’t be easier. Players take turns either completing a dare or taking a sip (or shot) of their drink. Here’s a quick rundown of the game:

1. Gather your friends

To play “Do or Drink,” you’ll need at least two players, but the more, the merrier! Sit in a circle or around a table, and make sure everyone has their drink of choice ready.

2. Decide who goes first

You can use any method you want to decide who goes first - rock-paper-scissors, a coin toss, or even drawing straws. Once that’s settled, the game can begin!

3. Do or Drink!

The first player will be given a dare, and they must complete it or choose to take a sip (or shot) of their drink.

If you’re playing with our online game or app: No need to come up with good dares on the spot! Simply choose a category and let the game generate a dare for you.

4. Keep the game going

Once the first person is done with their turn, the next player will be given a dare. You can play for a certain number of rounds or simply keep playing until everyone is too tipsy to continue.

“Do or Drink” game rules

“Do or Drink” is not just a party game; it’s an experience! To ensure that everyone has a good time, here are rules to keep in mind while playing:

1. Make sure there’s enough water: While drinking alcohol, drinking enough water is key. Make sure everyone has water or a non-alcoholic drink nearby to stay hydrated and prevent anyone from getting too drunk.

2. Keep it fun and safe: While some dares may push boundaries, make sure never to do anything that could cause harm to yourself or others. The goal is to have a good time and create unforgettable memories, not to cause harm.

3. Respect boundaries: Always make sure everyone is comfortable with the dares and drinking level. If someone doesn’t want to do a dare or take a sip, respect their decision.

4. Drink responsibly: “Do or Drink” is all about having fun while drinking, but make sure to know your limits and drink responsibly. Don’t pressure anyone into drinking more than they can handle. Also, don’t drink and drive!